Indoor environments

Indoor Environment

Our two classrooms are our learners’ homes away from home and we strive to make them as attractive and comfortable as possible. They are warm, colourful, carpeted rooms filled with plants, animals, replicas of famous paintings, music and reading corners with child sized couches.

The utmost care and attention is given to creating learning environments that will reinforce the children’s’ independence and intellectual development. The Montessori classroom is not the domain of the adults it is the children’s community.

Surroundings have a great deal to do with the creation of an atmosphere of learning. There are two indoor environments, namely the toddler class and the 3-6 class.

Outdoor environment

Outdoor environment

There are two outdoor environments, namely the playground and the vegetable garden. The playground has wooden jungle gyms, a sand pit, bicycle track and is sheltered with indigenous trees. The morning playtimes for the toddlers and 3-6 learners are different in order to give the toddlers the opportunity to explore and play undisturbed.

The vegetable garden, surrounded by a variety of fruit trees, is attended to by the learners. Here they have the ability to observe the vegetables they plant growing from seed, producing their first leaves, flowers and eventually the fruit.

Young learners love the opportunity to taste the fruits of their effort directly from the garden. Please note all vegetables are organic, no pesticides are used.

Learner to Teaching Staff ratios

Toddler environment is 6 : 1

3 – 6 environment is 10 : 1