About usTygervalley Montessori is state of the art Montessori school in the east of Pretoria. It is a small school, catering for a maximum of 42 learners as we believe young learners’ need an environment which they can feel is their own. An environment where they are well known, understood, loved and cared for as individuals.

Our Montessori-based approach inspires learners to think for themselves and keeps their sense of wonder and excitement alive. Our learners want to come to school. Our environments are designed to facilitate and stimulate collaborative learning. They are intriguing environments, alive with wonderful and challenging educational resources, plants, art and the learner’s own creations. The atmosphere is incredibly peaceful, which leads the most children to be totally absorbed in their activities. Here, each learner is treated with kindness and respect.

Classes are communities of children and teachers who normally stay together for at least 3 years. Learners look up to their teachers as mentors, guides and friends.

The school sets expectations high, stressing the importance of careful work and pride in accomplishment at all levels. In each class, older learners encourage and help those who are younger. Because children tend to learn so much more effectively from one another, often the best teacher is someone just a little bit older. Our learners grow up with the sense that they belong to an extended family of parents, teachers, and fellow learners.

If we are to have real peace in this world, then we shall have to begin with the children.

Mahatma Ghandi