This is what some of our parents have to say:

The environment and materials

“A utopian environment of happy and engaged children. Great to see how well the Montessori method works in practice. Wide range of materials to stimulate different interests”
(Julian – father of Julia 5, Jessica 3)

“The environment is beautiful and truly Montessori environment. It is also very peaceful, well organised and spacious. The kids are able to access everything independently and change activities with minimal assistance”
(Lupita – mother of Lucas 2)

“The environment is perfect for the children, clean and well prepared for them”
(Bukeka – mother of Sisipho 3)

“The most amazing work, each time I come I am in awe of all the different things the children do in this environment”
(Ena – mother of Julia 5 and Jessica 3)

The children

“The children are disciplined and very attentive. I am amazed at the way Kyra is independent and disciplined when she has to pack stuff away. The children are very controlled in an “uncontrolled” manner. I love the organisational skills they acquire”
(Leshna and Sundran – parents of Kyra 3)

“What a wonderful, content group of children. They interact, are self-disciplined. Amazing”
(Ena -, mother of Julia 5 and Jessica 3)

“Well balanced, courteous, self-managed. I’m impressed by this independence and the fact that each one knows his/her responsibilities, cleaning up, washing up etc.”
(Penny – mother of Noah 5 and Lyla-Rose 3)

“They are so disciplined, shows respect towards one another, they are so responsible, whatever they use they know that they should return it to correct place, they really enjoy the place” “The children appear happy and comfortable in their class. They play well together and respect for one another”
(Charmaine – mother of Ronewa 4)

”Well behaved, waited patiently to do tasks, enjoyed seeing Rebecca pack things away and then choose something else to do”
(Freddie and Amanda – parents of Rebecca 3)

The directresses

“Very caring, respectful and loving towards the children. We could not be happier with the school we chose!”
(Charanez and Dawid, parents of Addison 2)

“She is non-obstructive, yet still able to guide the child in activities that they struggle with or which are unfamiliar”
(Lydia, mother of Gabriel 4)

“She is very respectful, loving, caring and understanding. She loves her job, she does it with passion. She is so approachable and very polite. Our kids love her, that’s for sure”
(Charmaine – mother of Ronewa 4)

“She is a perfect Montessori teacher, allowing the children to learn on their own, just “directing” the environment. She guides the activities but allowing them to learn and correct themselves. She carefully watches the children but maintaining the peace in the classroom but without interfering with their interest. Meegan is extremely patient!!! And very loving as well. Both teachers in the classroom are! Thank you for allowing us to observe, what a wonderful experience!! Thank you for everything you do for our children”
(Lupita – mother of Lucas 2)

“Celeste is always calm and helpful. She makes it look like a really easy job controlling and guiding so many children so peacefully (which I am sure it is not). I am extremely happy that Julia is in her capable hands during the day”
(Ena – mother of Julia 5, Jessica 3)

“The teacher seems to understand the children very well and interact with them nicely without too much interference. The teacher also gives adequate attention to each child individually”
(Mantsha – father of Ronewa 4)

“Meegan is really an outstanding teacher with high morals and lots of patience. Her soft kind nature promotes kindness, love, respect and Meegan is a good role model for the children. Keep up the good work”
(Robert – father of Joshua 4 and Nathan 2)

“Celeste you definitely have a presence, very calming yet the children respect you and have a huge affinity towards you. I like the one on one time spend with the individuals. Thank you for making a difference”
(Penny – mother of Noah 5 and Lyla-Rose 3)

The assistants:

“The assistants really love each child as their own and show love in everything that they do with the children and in the classroom. Please keep up the good work and thank you taking such good care of our children”
(Robert – father of Joshua 4 and Nathan 2)