Breakfast is served at 8:00 and will alternate between mealie meal and oats porridge, served with dairy milk. An alternative to dairy milk may be provided by parents if preferred.

Morning Snack

Morning SnackMorning snack will be a brown bread sandwich with peanut butter, jam or cheese. The sandwich will be accompanied by fresh fruit and water.


A nutritional, well balanced, freshly prepared lunch with be served to the learners daily. Each meal comprises of a protein, carbohydrate, an orange / yellow and green vegetable. The vegetables will also be steamed in order to ensure their maximum nutritional content is preserved. Organic vegetables from the school veggie patch will be used where possible.

Sample Menu

Monday Macaroni and cheese, carrot sticks and raw beans
Tuesday Homemade fishcakes, carrot sticks and cucumber slices
Wednesday Chicken a la king, rice, gem squash and raw beans
Thursday Macaroni with beef mince, carrots and cabbage
Friday Beef shin stew served with pap and pumpkin fritters

Afternoon Snack

Sandwiches made with brown bread and peanut butter or jam and fresh fruit will be provided in the afternoons at 14:45. The learners will also have a choice of tea or water to drink.